Projets clés en Mains


Access Group International Ltd offers full turnkey service in your desired sector, including consultancy, auditing and analysis, coordinating the responses of our partners and finding your future financial partner.

Focusing on the core competencies needed to carry out the project allows us to intervene at all levels of management in international business, regardless of structure or sector.

Thanks to the partners we work with and whose businesses have grown at a local or international level, we are able to offer already existing solutions to meet your needs.

Access Group International Ltd offers tailor-made, turnkey service in any domain. This includes consultancy, auditing, analysis and expertise, market and feasibility studies, project management, coordinating partner involvement, as well as finding your future financial backers.

Our main mission is seeking the necessary financing for our clients, thus allowing them to bring their projects to fruition and secondly, offering them suitable technologies. This results in long-term business relationships.